An unusual Victorian double sided wooden dissected puzzle/ jigsaw, issued for the Queen's Jubilee (probably the Golden Jubilee of 1887).

Titled on the box lid: "The Royal Jubilee Map of the British Empire, with Atlas, Geography, English History and Portrait-Puzzle of the Kings and Queens of England."


The jigsaw/puzzle is double-sided, with the map on one side, and portraits of the Kings and Queens from William 1st onwards on the other.

Tthe jigsaw is complete, and in its original box. The map was published by W & AK Johnston. It shows some vagueness at the Poles - still an unexplored region. The colour of the Kings and Queens image is lovely and strong.


This is a very scarce item 


Size: the box measures 24cms x 19cms. There are 37 pieces. The outer ones slot together, the inner ones line up against each other. All wooden.



An Unusual Double Sided Dissected/Jigsaw Puzzle