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This is an interesting piece of antique treen. Not the normal form for a spice tower, this turned lidded spice tower, turned from sycamore, was made to house only cloves. It still retains the original label on it.

It was lidded to keep it air tight to keep the spice in the best condition possible.

Cloves must have been used a lot by the owners of this piece of treen, to warrant a separate tower.

The container measures 14cm h x 4cm w.

Cloves were a popular spice in the 19th century and clove labels are often found on the traditional antique treen tiered spice towers.The cloves contain a strong anaesthetic known as eugenol which worked as an antiseptic to fight bacteria that may cause infections.It was also used to help dispel colds,as an antiseptic and to help in digestion to name just a few of its uses, besides of course being used extensively in cooking for flavour.

An Unusual Antique Treen Spice/Cloves Tower

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