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This lovely early 19th century Tunbridge Ware games box  with contents has many attributes. Firstly the wonderful colour of the outside, its striking appearance with the lid decorated with cubes veneered in various woods, choosen for their striking appearance and different grains. Some of the woods used are coromandel, lace wood, palm wood, oak, ebony and walnut to name a few. These cubes are bordered by a geometric design again of different woods which follow through on the sides and back. The rest of the box is veneered in lace wood.  The whole effect is impressive.

Opening up the box there are various items inside, including the original cribbage board, various packs of cards, two Tunbridge Ware games markers, stamped Perry & Co London. James Perry and Co. started as dip pen manufacturers in Manchester in 1824. They soon moved to London becoming England's largest manufacturer of dip pens as well as broadening their range of writing and stationery equipment. There are also some games counters and some card Bezique marker.

The box measures 26.5cm w x 21.5cm d x 6.8cm h.

An Antique Tunbridge Ware Games Box - with contents

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