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This  box dates from the early 1900s, it was for colour blind testing. The mahogany box when opened has a lid with four slots to put red, yellow, green and blue beads in. The beads are replacements. It lifts off to a divided interior to see how accurate the patient is with posting the coloured beads.

There is a drawer below. On the inside of the lid is a makers name JB Reiner & Keeler, London Bradford.

Reiner and Keele were founded in London in 1910. One of the first customers was a 4 year old boy Harold Ridley. Harold went on to become an optical scientist and worked with Rayner to examine the inner eye with electronics rather than optical methods.

The box measures 15cm w x 15cm d x 8cm h.

An Antique Doctor's Colour Blind Testing Box

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