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A complete C19th century dissected puzzle, in its original box, of all the sovereigns of England from William The Conqueror to Queen Victoria. It was published by John Lewis Marks 91 Long Lane, West Smithfield. It dates from around 1837 the beginning of Queen Victorias reign. On the piece representing her it says 'Long may she reign', she is illustrated as a young women.

The puzzle, when completed measures 32cm w x 18cm h.

John Lewis Marks was born in 1796-1855. He was a printmaker and publisher.

He initially worked for other publishers, but later more usually published his works himself.

McManus and Snowman quote in a census and other records indicating that in 1841 Marks had been living at no. 91 Long Lane with his wife Sarah, aged 35 and nine other members of the family. Marks took over the Portland Arms public house at No.2 Long Lane in 1849, and he was described as a "victualler and publisher" aged 55 at that address in 1851.His will from 1855 gives his address as 91 Long Lane, Smithfield. Marks's stock in trade and the goodwill of his business was to be disposed of; his wife, Sarah, was to receive a life interest, and his children, Benjamin, David and Mary, were to receive equal shares of their father's estate on reaching the age of 21.His publishing business was continued by his widow Sarah and her children until at least 1893.

An Antique Dissected Puzzle - Sovereigns of England

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