Here is an early to mid  1800s Mahogany apothecary cabinet with brass flushed military handles throughout. To the back is a sliding pannel to reveal all four original bottles with their labels and one bottle also having the label with instructions for use. Often know as the poison section these bottles still contain some of the contents, Carbonate of Soda, Cream of Tartar, Calcined Magnesium, and Tartaric acid. All have the chemists name  W & J Fergusson Chemists Pownall Square, Liverpool.

Moving around to the front the double doors open and there are ten bottles in the two doors of the same size with  nine of the labels intact again with W & J Fergusson Chemists Pownall Square, Liverpool and one saying A H Hingston Bold Street Liverpool. It also says it's a pharmaceutical chemist . Five years with Savory and Moore  chemists to the Queen New Bond Street London. The other two slots in the doors have smaller glass bottles in them again from W & J Fergusson Chemists Pownall Square, Liverpool. and Calomel to one and Chlorine to the other.

In the central section there are four larger bottles all the same size and two smaller ones, again all having the original labels W & J Fergusson Chemists Pownall Square, Liverpool.

The drawers below open to reveal glass beakers, scales and amazingly blue paper packages with labels saying Syringes, Borax and Camphor. On the syringe packaging is the label  W & J Fergusson Chemists Pownall Square, Liverpool.

In the drawer on the left handside is a glass pestle and mortar and on the righ hand side are two further small glass jars, one is unopened with its original top. The label says Basilicon ointment - a real gem.


William Fergusson was operating in 1834  as a chemist  from Liverpool. He is recorded in the 1837 precription book as operating from 26 Pownall Square.


The cabinet measures 29cm w x 19cm d x 24.5cm h

An Antique Apothecary Cabinet - original labels & contents