A Scottish Burr Root Amboyna Snuff Box

This is a 19th century Scottish burr root amboyna  snuff box. This  Scottish table snuff box of wonderful colour is carved from burr root wood from a huge old tree, having a hinged cover. The lid depicts a scene from ‘Tam O'’Shanter  with witches,  the Old Bridge of Doon, horse, trees etc. The base shows the knarled base.

It measures approx 13cm w x  11cm d x 3.5cm h.

Burrs  occur on many trees, most commonly at the junction of the trunk with the ground or root.  

They are caused by a number of small shoots which are unable to break out, and form an interwoven, contorted but unusually stable mass. They can be very ornamental.



A Scottish Burr Root Amboyna Snuff Box