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This music/book stand is a great design, it folds down as per the middle image, and then when in use folds out to take sheet music or a book, print etc. It does have two extra pieces at each side which fold up for larger sheets etc. Interesting that it has a maker’s name Edward Withers.

Edward Withers, in the image, was the founder of the oldest existing violin shop in the UK. The original firm was founded as long ago as 1765 by Norris & Barnes which later became R. & W. Davis in 1818. Following the retirement of William Davis in 1846, the enigmatic Edward Withers took over the firm and so it continued in the same family for over 120 years until 1969 when the last Edward (they were called “Edward” to perpetuate the name) retired.

It measures 45cm w when open & 22.5cm when closed. 


A Rosewood Music/Book Stand Stamped Edward Withers

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