This is a very unusual piece. It is an oak nib box and on the outside of the box it says 'Oak from John Knoxs' house Netherbox Edinburgh where he died 1572'.

This beautifully shaped box inside and out must have been made in the mid 1800s when the house was renovated.

The box measures 5.8cm h x 2.8cm w x 1.8cm d.

John Knox was the founder of the Scottish Presbyterian Church, he was a Scottish minister and was am opponent and antagonist of Mary Queen of Scots during her years in Scotland. He opposed her so much that Mary  Queen of Scots is said to have said, 'I fear John Knox's prayers more than all the assembled armies of Europe. ' John Knox was one of the Reformation's greatest prayer warriors, famous for crying out to God and praying, 'Give me Scotland, Lord, or I die!'

A Rare Oak Nib Box - from the house of John Knox