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An elegant near pair of early to mid 1800s mahogany candle stands with lead weighted bases.

Candlesticks, or nowadays a big wax candle would be placed on top of the stands for lighting.

These candlestands have good colour and patina. From the Angela Kay collection.

The candle stands measure 23cm h x 13cm w.


Angela Kay grew up on the Fylde coast. She was educated in Scotland and she travelled to Europe at 17 and met her future husband on a train to Barcelona. In Europe she learned to cook, then went to work for Jean Conil, a French chef in London. As well as writing his books for him, she collaborated with Elizabeth David on French Provincial Cooking. She then went on to write four books of her own.

It measures 46cm h x 45cm w

Two Mahogany Candle stands- lead weighted

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